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Public Registrations have been disabled by the site admin but you can donate for a VIP account.
To register a VIP account with us all you have to do is send 12 € [euro] in bitoins to the address bellow.

BTC SegWit: 39mXFcZuqVe1SCZTrGPXFDYXjyuYpX6Q16

BTC NON-SegWit: 1N9SBHm2Qd1Ki4WQrxE5Ypaoh1wnew19jE

***Make sure to donate the exact BTC amount so that the donation is processed correctly, you can see current eur to btc conv. at preev.com***

Please note that once you have donated, you will receive an e-mail from us with login details, this is NOT instant so please be patient.

If this has NOT happened after 24 hours of your donation then PLEASE E-mail Us
including the BTC address, Transaction ID and E-mail address of your donation and our staff will investigate as quickly as possible.

Other donation options:

BitCoin Cash (BCH) : 1Hso8iWho16zyMB6hEWaF8bDbScfE6r4wp
BitCoin Gold (BTG) : Ac6Czyz5jpcZZLtVDGjxeGCVamvkuLx7Ze
Dash (DASH) : XuuQTibhokJR7bxvwEfxH5wpQTpiH3vfHZ
LiteCoin (LTC) : MFoiZomckzXHTxV833cV3FRydLL3wsqzdW
Zcash (ZEC) : t1Ry1yKwcVtD5zeewSDPXV1Mcjhj9QvmY4M
Ethereum (ETH) : 0x4be3e4fCdE80Ab43809c8c27bB3D1E9a3ea26900
Ethereum Classic (ETC) : 0x9E7F9C18646AB4ecA01a27451bFdb6F8d6588ff8