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Usenet is a distributed network, which means that it is not controlled by any single source. Usenet servers from different hosts feed to and pull from one another in order to distribute the information they store, enabling users from anywhere to access the same information as any other user. This distribution also means that Usenet is largely uncensored.

1. Usenet is not an organization.
No person or group has authority over Usenet as a whole. No one
controls who gets a news feed, which articles are propagated
where, who can post articles, or anything else. There is no
"Usenet Incorporated," nor is there a "Usenet User's Group."
You're on your own.
2. Usenet is not a democracy.
Since there is no person or group in charge of Usenet as a whole
-- i.e. there is no Usenet "government" -- it follows that Usenet
cannot be a democracy, autocracy, or any other kind of "-acy."
3. Usenet is not fair.
After all, who shall decide what's fair? For that matter, if
someone is behaving unfairly, who's going to stop him? Neither
you nor I, that's certain.